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Are you age 65 or older and Medicare Eligible?

Medicare Navigation and Retiree Healthcare Solutions

Medicare is very complex and it is important that you have an advocate who can provide you the proper Medicare education and guidance. There are different paths you can choose in Medicare plans and it can be very time consuming and difficult to filter through these options yourself. It is important that you find the appropriate plan in your area that best fits your medical needs and is within your financial budget.


Having partnered with Borislow Insurance, The Richards Group is committed to supporting retirees in your healthcare choices. Borislow offers an annual follow up, upon request, during the Medicare open enrollment period each year to ensure continued satisfaction with your choice and unlimited support for retirees to enroll in an alternative plan should your needs change.

Ted O’Connor of Borislow Insurance will simplify the Medicare approach by providing you the needed education, plan evaluation and enrollment assistance to you at no cost. Borislow Insurance represents several Medicare insurance companies and Ted will assist you in evaluating and enrolling in your desired plans that best suit your lifestyle needs… and he will do it all with a Personal Touch.

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Learn what you need to know of the complicated parts of Medicare

  • Part A Inpatient Hospital CarE

  • Part B Outpatient and Medical Care

  • Medi-Gap/Supplement Plans

  • Part C Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans

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Medicare Enrollment Periods
2018 Medicare Seminar
Steps to Take; Retiree Healthcare Solutions

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