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Individual Wealth Management Services


Working with a financial advisor at The Richards Group can make the process easy and seamless. We focus on your unique goals, interests, and plans, rather than offering a cookie-cutter approach to your finances. There is no single “right” solution for an effective investment strategy; instead, we will identify a range of options to align your financial resources with your lifestyle and the future you envision.

Who needs an advisor?
You’ve been saving diligently or maybe you've received an unexpected windfall.  How do you make your savings or inheritance last especially if you need to live on these funds? We can help you protect these assets while you plan for a fulfilling future. We’ll guide you through the complexities of an investment strategy, reviewing the scenarios that could affect your financial freedom. For example: What is the difference between investing in a bull market vs. bear market? Do you need a spending plan to reduce the chances of outliving your money? How do you address the potential impact of inflation while living on a fixed income? What’s the proper investment mix for your stage of life? We’ve addressed these questions before, and we can explore the answers that work for you.


Our Process
We can help you develop an investment strategy that reflects your objectives as an investor. Our conversations will address the following:

  • How much risk is right for you?
  • Do you know how much risk you have already assumed in your current portfolio?
  • How would your current portfolio perform if the market declined significantly?
  • What are your goals with your retirement income and how will your expenses change?
  • What type of lifestyle would you like your finances to support?
  • How do you avoid running out of money?
  • Is your portfolio aligned with your cash needs?                                                 

Using this information, we will analyze your resources to help make your income sustainable. This process allows us to help align the amount and timing of your cash flow needs with a portfolio designed to provide liquidity and manage risk. Our diversified, cost-efficient portfolios are part of a strong foundation in working to deliver financial wellness.

Our commitment to listening
We believe it’s important to get to know you first, rather than the profile your portfolio holdings tell us about you. Over the years, our clients have provided invaluable feedback about our strong communication skills, and we have used their input to shape our wealth management advisory practice. As your partner helping you create financial wellness, we are committed to listening carefully to your personal goals and comfort level with investment risk.


It starts with a conversation
We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your investment planning. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can tailor a strategy to your unique financial goals and make your plan a success. Call us today or email us at:

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