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With our own in-house claims team, we are independent advocates to help you facilitate your claim.

One of the benefits of the scale we have at TRG is that we have an internal claims department. Our in-house claims management team can help with the process and can assist in getting most routine claims paid quickly. When our clients experience a claim, we are an independent advocate for you, and can work with the adjuster to facilitate the claim. Our in-house claims management team is led by licensed insurance professionals. Your initial claim submission is overseen by our Claims Management Specialist from the initial submission to the time the claim is closed. We're able to make what can be a confusing process more manageable, and help make sure everything stays on track.

We provide 24/7 claims reporting through our client portal. This functionality gives you the ability to send in a detailed account of the claim and attach any supporting documents to help the adjusters close your claim faster.

Amber Pillsbury |    BIO

Amber Pillsbury | BIO

Some people go years without ever needing to file a claim. But if you do, rest assured that Amber is ready to ease you through the process.