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How to Report a Claim

If you need to report a claim, please call our office at 1-800-222-6016 or click here to send us an email and an agency representative will contact you as soon as possible.

If our office is closed, you may also report a claim directly to your insurance carrier as many offer 24/7 claims service. Click here for access to our carrier directory.

In the event of a fire, water damage or mold claim, you may want to contact one of the following clean-up and restoration companies:  

  • Sterling Quality Cleaners | (800) 352-6802
  • Servpro of Keene | (800) 737-8776
  • Catamount Cleaners | (802) 464-3839
  • Catamount Restoration Company  (239) 348-1555
  • GW Savage | (800) 684-0404
  • Servpro of Bennington & Rutland Counties | (802) 375-1500
  • ARS Restoration | (413) 272-0101
  • PuroClean  (888) 379-6940
  • Disaster Recovery  (877) 765-6340


Auto Claim Guide

Regardless of the circumstances, report the accident to the police.

  1. Record the names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle makes and license plate numbers of all involved parties, as well as insurance agent, policy and insurance company information for the other driver(s).
  2. Collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of passengers and witnesses.
  3. Don't talk about fault; even casual remarks can be used in court.
  4. Examine the damage carefully and take photos if possible.
  5. Make note of any injuries and behaviors of involved parties.


Property Claim Guide

  1. Make a detailed list of everything that has been damaged or lost, including product models, place and date of purchase, receipts, owner’s manuals, canceled checks, credit card bills, etc.
  2. Report the loss immediately, either to a claims representative in our agency or your insurance carrier.
  3. Keep damaged property for an adjuster to see.
  4. Protect your property from further loss, as necessary (weather, theft, exposure, etc).
  5. Follow all instructions with regard to gathering estimates of damages and repairs.
  6. Promptly submit all required information and forms as requested by your insurance carrier.


Catastrophic Home Damage Guide

  1. Report the loss immediately, either to a claims representative in our agency or your insurance carrier. It is also important that you provide us with a telephone number where we can reach you or a family member.
  2. If your home is uninhabitable and you must stay elsewhere, keep the receipts for all your expenses. Receipts are helpful in determining how much you should be reimbursed. Your homeowners policy will pay for the covered expenses that exceed your normal, day-to-day living costs.


Liability Claim Guide

  1. If you think you or a family member may have caused an injury to someone, or if someone is claiming that you have, please report the claim to our office immediately.
  2. As with any other kind of incident, the more information you can provide to us, the better we can serve you. If someone is injured on your property, begin by making sure the person receives immediate medical attention.
  3. Then collect full names, addresses and phone numbers for all parties involved.
  4. Finally, gather as much information as you can about how the injury occurred and be prepared to provide your adjuster with as clear an account of the incident as possible.