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Your business is your life’s passion

We understand that an agent needs to be more than the middle man to an insurance policy. We position ourselves as your outsourced risk management team, looking at each client’s needs holistically and independently. We want to address your specific needs and issues, completely customizing your insurance program.

Finding root causes and addressing those issues allows us to systematically implement solutions and ultimately lower your overall premium. That is our goal, to cut your insurance costs and make you the safest, best employer possible.

Shannon knows how to keep your business in line with the ever changing world of compliance. See what she can do for you at The Richards Group.

You are your own boss.

In addition to receiving a customized business insurance program, you’ll also receive:

  • Comprehensive risk management

  • Cost containment and reduction strategies

  • Loss control analysis and SOLUTIONS

  • Frequent policy audits and coverage reviews

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of coverages to meet the needs of your business. You can read more detailed information in our Insurance Glossary or request a quote by completing our online form.

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