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VRGA Endorses The Richards Group for Member Program


The Vermont Retail and Grocers Association is pleased to announce it has partnered with The Richards Group to manage its commercial insurance program for VRGA members.

“The Richards Group has made the association a top priority throughout the past several years and understands what small businesses in Vermont need in regards to insurance, information, and best practices,” said Erin Sigrist, President of the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association. “Our commercial insurance program is a key benefit for our members. We have hundreds of businesses throughout Vermont participating, so we look forward to working with The Richards Group as they bring their insurance expertise, technology and extensive knowledge of safety and risk management to VRGA members.”

“Over the years we have built some valuable industry knowledge and resources for industries including retail, grocery, breweries, wineries, and specialty foods manufacturers that we know will serve VRGA members well,” said Peter Richards, Vice President of Commercial Insurance and Risk Management at The Richards Group. “In today’s business environment, VRGA members need and deserve more than insurance coverage at a competitive price - they will benefit from capabilities such as OSHA compliance insights, workers compensation cost containment strategies and special Association coverage enhancements.”

VRGA, located in Montpelier, Vermont, is an association of merchants and trade partners united to promote the sustainable growth of our industry through the educational, economic and public policy needs of our members. Today, VRGA represents approximately 800 Vermont retail stores and 250 suppliers to the industry, including members of the Vermont Specialty Food Association, Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores and the Vermont Petroleum Association. The insurance program is extensive and provides members with coverages including property, liability, auto and workers compensation, along with the opportunity to earn back a dividend based on the Association’s experience. Past dividends have averaged 6% over the past 17 years and have been as high as 22%. For more information about VRGA, please visit

The Richards Group, headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont, has provided local Insurance, Employee Benefits and Retirement Plan solutions to clients throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts since 1867. The firm was named one of the 2017 “Best Places to Work in Vermont” by Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.

If you are a VRGA member, or may like to become a member, and want information about the VRGA commercial insurance program and its benefits, please contact Scott Olmstead or Shannon Prescott at (800) 222-6016.