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The Richards Group Certificate of Insurance Management Program

For any business, it is crucial that risk is being properly transferred to tenants, vendors, suppliersand subcontractors whenever possible.  It is also imperative that the certificates of insurance (COI) a business collects are compliant with that business’s own insurance program.

The Richards Group has developed a customized, scalable approach to managing certificates of insurance for our clients.  Annually, we will contact all vendors and subcontractors from whom a COI is required and request an updated certificate.  From there The Richards Group will not only track receipt of COIs, but our insurance professionals will review every certificate collected to determine compliance with respect to our clients insurance program.  TRG will regularly update our clients on which COIs have been received and continue to follow up on outstanding COIs. We can also review/provide any indemnity clauses that may be necessary to properly transfer risk away from your business.

By utilizing The Richards Group’s free COI Management Program, you can focus on other aspects of your business while having the peace of mind that potential liabilities are being proactively managed and controlled.