Personal Insurance protects you from unplanned life events.

During the course of your life you purchase personal property or assets based on your lifestyle, such as a car, house, or snowmobile. A loss to your property can put you in a financial bind. You can’t always plan for the unexpected events in your life, but you can protect against them with personal insurance products.

Your insurance buying experience should leave you feeling secure about the decisions you made to protect your personal assets.

How do you know if you are paying for a coverage you simply don't need? Or have missing or inadequate coverage for the important stuff? Richards strong presence in the marketplace gives you access to budget-minded, comprehensive personal insurance carriers. Making shopping for your insurance easy and affordable.

  • Single point of contact for all your personal insurance policies.
  • Annual review of your account.
  • Guidance from a professional insurance agent.

It’s important to understand the features of personal insurance products to be sure they cover your personal risk exposures. Inadequate limits or coverage limitations can leave you unprotected.

You can customize your policy's coverage and deductible to find the right balance between the amount of coverage and premium cost.

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Personal insurance can't cover every risk you might face, but it can dramatically reduce your out of pocket expense. Not every policy is the same. Talk with a personal insurance specialist and understand the features of personal insurance products. Know your personal risk exposures and how you can protect yourself.

Consulting with a personal insurance specialist is an easy way to get the information you want about the insurance products that are right for you. The people at The Richards Group offer the insurance options difference. A review of your current insurance coverage and a cost analysis of where you may have a gap in coverage or paying too much for something you don't need, are just a couple benefits you can experience.

A personal insurance specialist does the research to balance coverage you need at a cost you can afford.

Working with an experienced personal insurance specialist can help you find affordable insurance coverage for all your personal insurance needs. It's important that you take your time to find the right personal insurance policies that will pay when a loss occurs. Inadequate limits or coverage limitations can leave you unprotected. If you're like most people though, you value your time.

An independent personal insurance specialist can do the research for you, and provide you with options that work within your budget.