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What is your current broker doing to ensure that you won't be blindsided by an unforeseen lawsuit?

  • The retail environment presents many unique risks. Successfully navigating the minefield of potential liabilities requires a proactive approach to risk management and a broker who doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach to your coverage recommendations.

Do your employees miss more time than average with work-related injuries?

  • Our comprehensive safety resources will educate your employees on how to stay safe on the job - and help you avoid having to deal with costly injuries.

Are your workers' compensation premiums through the roof?

  • The first step in reducing premiums is learning how to control your experience modification factor. Let us show you how.

The Richards Group Retail Industry Services Portfolio can help your business answer these questions and more, including:

Policies, Programs and Manuals

  • retail and wholesale Employee Safety Manual
    (available in Spanish)

  • guide to preparing for a recall - retail and wholesale

  • workplace safety assistance

Employer Resources

  • most frequently cited osha standards - general merchandise stores

  • retail safety checklist

  • retail Risk Insights: newsletter

  • alternate ideas for return to work


Employee Safety Resources

  • Training Videos

  • Safety Program Presentations

  • Compliance Toolkits

  • Employee Newsletters

Screenshots of Training Programs

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