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How Safe is Your Workplace?

A safe workplace is critical for your employees' health and well-being, but it is also significantly impact the cost of your workers compensation insurance. Keeping your workplace safe doesn’t cost that much, nor does it take much of your time. The investment you put in to identifying and preventing hazards can pay off big time if there is ever an accident at your business for which you are found to be negligent.

First, know what potential hazards you, your employees, and the public may encounter. Here are a few of the ways you can identify hazards in your workplace:

Ask Your Employees. They can be your best source of information since they're responsible for doing the job on a daily basis. They are your first line of defense.

Perform Safety Checks. Assess daily tasks that could cause harm and educate your staff on how to identify and mitigate the potential hazards.

Review Past On-the-Job Injuries. Examine any illnesses or injuries that you've already had, including frequency and severity, so you know the best way to use your resources.

There are many common hazards that can affect most businesses. Studies cite trips, slips, and falls as one-third of all major workplace injuries, the most common cause of injuries at work. Whether you run an auto repair shop or an accountant’s office, pay close attention to these common workplace hazards that, if ignored, can result in a workers compensation insurance claim.

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