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Solar Panel Coverage

Protect Your Investment

Going green is quickly becoming the hottest trend among homeowners. Using alternative sources of energy benefits the environment and your pocketbook due to lower electricity and heating bills, and may even increase the value of your home.
Consider all sources of risk to protect your investment and ensure you won’t end up paying thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs for your home or solar panels.



Solar panels are attractive to thieves because they are relatively easy to detach with basic tools and don’t operate at night. You can try to deter thieves by opting to install panels on the roof instead of the ground, but this may not prevent all thefts. Alarm systems for solar panels can be installed to alert you to a theft, but be sure to factor this into the cost of your system. Also, ask about replacement coverage for theft in your insurance policy.

Severe Weather

Protection against severe weather will put you at ease no matter where you live. Ask The Richards Group about coverage for the following:

  • Windstorms

  • Hail

  • Snow

  • Severe rain

  • Thunderstorms

Solar panels are part of your home, so give them the same amount of coverage and give yourself the same sense of security no matter what the weather.


Falling Objects

Although most solar panels are finished with tempered glass that allows them to better withstand impact, this doesn’t make them invulnerable; even the smallest crack in the glass could put the panel out of service. Ask about falling objects hitting your roof or panels and whether they would be covered under your current policy.

Busting the Solar Myth

Some homeowners don’t consider solar energy because they believe it’s a high-cost system that only works in certain areas and leaves homes without energy at night. In fact, the cost of solar energy depends on a variety of factors, such as how much sun you get each day, how much energy you use and whether you qualify for rebates or tax incentives. Contact The Richards Group if you’re considering solar power as an energy source—we’ll help you determine how your coverages will be affected.


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