The Richards Group Joins The Northern United Agents Alliance


The Richards Group Joins Davis & Towle Insurance Group and Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency as Owner of Northern United Agents Alliance

Concord, N.H. – The Northern United Agents Alliance (NUAA) announced today that The Richards Group of Brattleboro, VT, is an owner of the NUAA. The Richards Group joins the Davis & Towle Insurance Group of Concord, NH, and Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency of Nashua, NH, at the ownership level of the aggregation.

A third-generation family business, The Richards Group has provided local Insurance, Employee Benefits and Retirement Plan solutions to clients throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts since 1867. The firm employs roughly 120 professionals throughout its 11 offices and serves more than 20,000 clients.

 “We are thrilled to partner with such prominent agencies in the area that share our core values,” said Drew Richards, Vice President of The Richards Group. “We are eager to leverage this partnership to combine our resources, enhance our operations, and better serve our clients.” 

“It is with great excitement that we welcome The Richards Group as a NUAA owner,” said Marc Berube, President of Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency. “We are confident that together we will bring the NUAA to the next level as a stronger, more complete Northern New England aggregation.”

Headquartered in Concord, NH, the Northern United Agents Alliance is an alliance of independent insurance agents in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont dedicated to providing the highest level of client service through the group’s longstanding relationships with its insurance carrier partners.

The NUAA was formed in 2011 by four independent insurance agencies and has grown to include 14 agencies. 

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Alyssa Turcotte
Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency, LLC

Tammy Pollard has been awarded the 2017 SafeCo Award of Excellence

It is with much enthusiasm that we announce that Tammy Pollard of The Richards Group, Manchester has been awarded the 2017 SafeCo Award of Excellence for the Northeast Region.   A total of 279 agents across the United States have been awarded this honor.

Tammy Pollard, The Richards Group Manchester

Tammy Pollard, The Richards Group Manchester

This elite group of agents possesses superior underwriting skills and meets strict criteria, including membership in Safeco’s Premier Partner program, appointment tenure and are recognized for their experience in the industry and exceptional customer relations skills.

The Award of Excellence is designed to honor strong, long-term agency partnerships and recognize those who have demonstrated a consistent effort in identifying the right business.

Recipients of Safeco’s Award of Excellence have displayed a track record of actively partnering with Safeco to provide an exceptional customer experience. Safeco deeply values this relationship and their commitment.

"The  Award of Excellence agents were nominated because they epitomize the definition of partnership," said Patricia Hoffman, a personal lines senior underwriter for Safeco. "It is a relationship of mutual respect and professional expertise”.

Congratulations Tammy!

The Richards Group, provides local Insurance, Employee Benefits and Retirement Plan solutions to clients throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  The firm was named one of the 2017 “Best Places to Work in Vermont” by Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce.  

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Ladder Safety at the Construction Site

Falls from elevated surfaces are frequently listed as one of the most common causes of accidents in the construction industry. Most of these accidents occur due to failure to follow basic ladder safety. To help prevent ladder injuries on the jobsite, practice the following safety tips.   

Setting up Safely

Make sure you select the correct ladder for the job – check the length and duty rating. Proper length is a minimum of three feet extending over the roofline or working surface. 

Inspect your ladder before each use for loose or damaged: 

  • Steps 
  • Rungs 
  • Spreaders 
  • Rung dogs 
  • Safety feet
  • Other parts  

Clear the area where you will be working. Never place a ladder in front of a door that isn’t locked, blocked or guarded. 

Because metal ladders conduct electricity, use a wooden or fiberglass ladder near power lines or electrical equipment. 

Check that all locks on extension ladders are properly engaged before placing your ladder on a steady surface. The ground underneath the ladder should be level and firm. Large, flat wooden boards braced underneath a ladder can help level it on an uneven surface or soft ground. Straight, single or extension ladders should be set up at approximately a 75 degree angle. 

Use the 1:4 ratio to ensure your safety when on a ladder. Place the base of the ladder one foot away from whatever it’s leaning against for every four feet of height up to the point of contact for the top of the ladder. 

Always use caution when using a ladder at your construction site, and never use a ladder for any other purpose than intended.

Other safety considerations include: 

  • Make sure the weight that your ladder is supporting does not exceed its maximum load rating (user plus materials). Only one person should be on a ladder at a time. 
  • Keep your body centered between the rails of the ladder at all times. Do not lean too far to the side while working. Never overreach—instead, descend from the ladder and move it to a better position. 
  • Do not step on the top step, bucket shelf or attempt to climb or stand on the rear section of a stepladder. 
  • Always face the ladder when climbing up or down. Never leave a raised ladder unattended. 
  • Slowly step down from a ladder if you feel dizzy or tired. 
  • Non-slip footwear should be worn at all times when on a ladder at a construction site. 

Minimize ladder accidents by adhering to these safety and prevention tips.

HIPAA Cyber Attack Response Checklist

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a covered entity that experiences a ransomware attack or other cyber-related security incident must take immediate steps to prevent or mitigate any impermissible release of protected health information (PHI).  

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has issued a checklist to help HIPAA-covered entities determine the specific steps they must take in the event of a data breach.

Entities subject to HIPAA should become familiar with the OCR’s checklist and other guidance for handling cyber security breaches involving PHI. These entities should also ensure they have plans for mitigating the effects of breaches.

OCR Quick-response Checklist

In the event of a cyber attack or similar emergency, a covered entity must do the following:

  • Execute its response and mitigation procedures and contingency plans.
  • Report the crime to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  • Report all cyber threat indicators to federal and information-sharing and analysis organizations. 
  • Report the breach to affected individuals and to the OCR as soon as possible.

Reportable Incidents

HIPAA regulations also require covered entities to report certain cyber-related security incidents to affected individuals, the OCR and other agencies. In general, a reportable breach occurs anytime PHI was accessed, acquired, used or disclosed. 

For more information about this rule and its potential impact on your company, please contact The Richards Group.