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Our Approach to Employee Wellness

Wellness is a priority at The Richards Group (TRG) and an integral part of the work we do with our clients. We continuously seek cutting edge research and strategies to help bend the cost curve of providing medical and pharmacy benefits for employees. Our Organizational Wellness Consultant holds an MPH. In collaboration with your account management team, our wellness expert advises on wellness planning from the beginning or can step in to support an existing program. Our preferred strategy is to conduct a needs assessment, set measurable goals, then design and implement a comprehensive and responsive wellness program. We aim to first leverage existing wellness resources available through vendor relationships, then consider other investments and resources to enhance employee health and wellbeing. We also recommend that wellness programs be measured in terms of overall value of investment, as perceived by various key stakeholders. Here we share best practices, regulatory guidance, and other resources of interest to build and maintain a successful employee wellness solution.                     

The Richards Group is a member of WELCOA and United Benefit Advisors and continues to seek other strategic partnerships that meet our level of excellence and bring value to our clients.

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