Green Mountain Leadership Center


"Helping organizations develop leaders."

The following are the three principle ways that the Green Mountain Leadership Center (GMLC) helps organizations develop leaders: 

1. Management and Leadership Development Modules

There are two major challenges to developing internal managers and leaders within organizations: time and available budget. To meet these challenges, GMLC has developed and delivered a wide array of Management and Leadership Development modules that are flexible, customizable and adaptable to any organization. The modules typically are each an hour and a half in length however they have been modified to run from one hour to four hours, depending on many variables. With over twenty modules to choose from, clients are able to build management and leadership training curriculum that meets their current needs. Some of the more popular modules include:

  • Building Organizational Trust
  • Employment Law
  • Hiring Great Employees
  • Effective Employee Relations
  • Holding Productive Meetings
  • ...and many more!
  • Introduction: Management and Leadership
  • Employee Engagement: Job #1
  • Building Stronger Teams through Trust
  • Dealing with Workplace Conflict
  • Time Management


2. Franklin Covey Courses

The Franklin Covey company has been developing and delivering award-winning training programs for close to thirty years. Built around Dr. Steven Covey’s #1 best-selling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Covey offers the best in personal, team and leadership development. Ross Gibson of GMLC has been a Franklin Covey-certified facilitator for over 18 years. He has facilitated numerous Covey work-sessions to teams, executive teams and in public seminars. He is certified by Franklin Covey to facilitate the following courses:

  • 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity
  • Leading at the Speed of Trust
  • Leading at the Speed of Trust - Foundations
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Signature
  • 7 Habits of Managers
  • 7 Habits - Foundations

3. Keynote/Presentations/Facilitation

Ross Gibson has presented at numerous conference, seminars, association meeting and other venues during his over 30 years in Human Resources and Leadership Development. He also is a skilled facilitator and helps to lead off-sites and other sessions where a master facilitator is needed. Some of Ross’s more popular speaking topics include:

  • On Leadership: Why it still matters
  • ....and many more!
  • Building Organizational Trust: An Imperative
  • Employee Engagement Job #1
  • Multiplication: The Most Important Skill

 About Ross Gibson – Ross’s Human Resources and Leadership Development spans over 30 years and he has worked for and consulted to a wide variety of organizations. Ross is known for his passion, dedication, knowledge and ability to really connect with his audiences. Based in southern Vermont, Ross and GMLC are here to help you develop your leaders!

Ross Gibson, Green Mountain Leadership Center, , 802-451-6445