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Human Resources Solutions

Increasingly, organizations have come to understand that one of the true keys to organizational and business success is increasing the level of employee engagement within their organizations. There is plenty of research and documentation to support this understanding, including a recent Gallup survey that found organizations with higher levels of employee engagement boast 22% higher profitability.

The Richards Group (TRG) has created the Human Resources & Leadership Development Consulting division to assist clients in increasing their levels of highly engaged employees by focusing on the main area:

Human Resources – By strengthening the core HR function and adding value in such areas as talent development, succession planning and workforce planning, organizations can drive the processes and programs that lead to higher engagement. TRG can provide consulting on a host of areas related to HR programs, processes and procedures including, but not limited to:

  • High-potential employees – Identification
    and development

  • Employee surveys

  • Recruitment strategy/programs

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • On-boarding programs

  • Performance assessment and management

  • Compensation evaluation

  • Compensation programs

  • Reward and recognition programs

  • Employee file management

  • FSA/DCA Administration

  • HR.BLR

  • Human Resources audit

  • Balanced scorecards – organizational and HR

  • Measuring turnover

  • Retention strategy/programs

  • Exit interviews

  • Post-“90” Exit interviews

  • “Stay” interviews

  • Succession planning

  • Training needs assessment

  • Layoff planning and assistance

  • FMLA Outsourcing

  • COBRA Administration