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Healthcare Reform

How will reform change now under a Trump Administration? How will these changes affect how employers provide and administer healthcare benefits in an “appeal and replace” era? In Vermont Green Mountain Care Single Payer was abandoned and we now have a Republican Governor.  Will Vermont Health Connect change? What does the All Payer Waiver mean to businesses? Employers remain unsure on many changing fronts as to how healthcare policy will affect their business. The Richards Group is committed to helping our clients analyze how proposed or passed legislation will impact them as an employer–from a politically neutral perspective.  

Employers will continue to have limited vision and time to prepare for waves of change, so it is critical that you understand the details of the legislation. To help employers determine how healthcare reform will affect their organizations, The Richards Group has made available a number of resources on this webpage. We also recognize that interpretations of what is likely to come and that future elections will evolve over time and therefore this website will be updated to reflect the changing reality for employers.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act, click the link above.

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You may also find additional information on the PPACA Advisor Resource Center.

Health Care Reform Latest News

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