The Richards Group is one of Vermont's and New England's top retirement and fiduciary advisors

Brattleboro, VT

susan Apisdorf, receptionist

Kathy Ballantine, Director of Operations

Sandra Barnard, Account Manager

Jackie Brady, Sr. Account Executive

Sandy Brassard, CIC, IT Support Specialist

Amber Brown, sr. Account Manager


Caitlin Caulfield, sr. Account Manager

Lorrie Clark, Account Manager Assistant

Cathy Coonan, CIC, Risk Management Consultant

Antonia Crawford, HR Manager

Peggy DeAngelis, Sr. Account Manager,
Select Business Unit

Jessica Fleury, personal lines assistant manager

Christina Flood, Controller

Jean Fontaine, Accounting

Jill Golden, Compliance Manager & Account executive

Julie Goodell, Account Manager

Nathan Gray, Account Manager Assistant

Beth Freeman, Account Manager Assistant

Linda Hamilton, Accounting

Hayley Hill, Personal Lines Manager

Evan Holtnik, Account Manager Assistant

Allisyn Houghton, Retirement Plan Account Executive


Sarah Houle, sr. Account Manager

Sara Kermenski, Retirement Plan Account Executive

Marsha Knox, Accounting

Jennifer Lyman, Account Manager Assistant

Sharon MacEachern, CIC - Commercial Lines & Claims Manager

Michael Mandracchia, Investment Advisor

Rick Manson, CIC, Risk Management Consultant

Daniel Markiw, IT Systems Assistant

jesse nazer, Accounting

Amanda Normand, Account Manager

Sheila Palomba,  Account Manager

Rob Pattison, Risk Management Consultant

Amber Pillsbury, ACSR, Claims Specialist

Shannon prescott, program coordinator

Jennifer Prodouz, ACSR, Account Manager Assistant

Jeshua Quinones-Santiago, IT Helpdesk Technician

Drew Richards, Vice President

Mark Richards, CPCU, President

Peter Richards, Vice President, Risk Management Consultant

Justin Slade, Account Manager

Caitlin Sprague, personal lines supervisor

Mike SquiresIT Systems Coordinator

Liz Stearns, Account Manager

Ben Taggard, AIF, Vice President, Investment Advisor

SHARI Tenofsky-Beteau, Account Manager

Bobbi Tupper, Account Manager Assistant

Mary Westcott, Accounting Manager

Jamie WILKINSON, ACSR, Account Manager

Bill Willson, Risk Management Consultant

Bellows Falls, VT

Sharon SIMARD, Sr. Account executive

Tammy Fetzer, Account Manager

Julie Goodell, Account Manager

Shelby Harty, Account Manager

karen Johnson-brum, personal lines supervisor

Kyle MatulionisAccount Manager,
Select Business Unit

Amanda Mellish, Receptionist/assistant

Marjorie Monahan, Account Manager


Bennington, VT

kaittie blakey, Account Manager

Daniel Cross - Account Manager

stephanie hass, Personal Lines Supervisor

Ina Howland, Receptionist

eddie lewicki, Account Manager

kate mahar, account manager

corey mears, risk management consultant

david newell, risk management consultant

Joshua Phillips, Account Manager,
Select Business Unit

Marleigh Thompson, Account Manager Assistant




Meet Your Team

Keene, NH 

MIKE YAROSEVICH, Risk Management Consultant

Nicole McGrath, SBU Account Executive

Tracy Orkins, Account Manager


Manchester, VT

Heidi Bourhill, Account executive

Cathy Comar, receptionist/Assistant

Tammy Pollard, personal lines supervisor


Middlebury, VT

Jessie audette, account manager

Katie AndrewsAccount Manager

Eileen bearor, account manager

heather barnard, personal lines supervisor

ben fuller, LUTCF, Risk Management Consultant

Gretchen kellogg, Account Manager

Kelley Knight, Account Executive

Brooke Zeno, Account Manager assistant


Hanover, NH

Lacey Burleson, Account Manager

Steven Burnett, Investment Advisor

Speight Drummond, Account Manager Assistant

Thelma Dunham, Account Manager

Westin Greene, Account Manager Assistant

Emmy HAYES, Account Manager

Vanessa Kenison, Account Manager

Phil Latvis, CIC, Risk Management Consultant

Debra Mochi, CPCU, Account Executive

Betsy Ploof, Sr. Account Manager

Tom Scull, VICE PRESIDENT, Employee Benefits

Lisa Slade, personal lines supervisor

Gail Slider,  Office Manager

Rick Toland, Risk Management Consultant


Rutland, VT

Ashley Eastman, CIC, Account Manager,
Select Business Unit

Gabrielle Gladding, Account Manager

Susan Hayes, Account Manager Assistant

Johanna Keefe, Sr. Account Executive

Joanna McCullough, Account Manager

Jordan Miles, Account Manager

Katherine pate, Account Manager


Tammy Simmes, Account manager Assistant

Rachel thompson, ACCOUNT manager


Burlington, VT

Megan AYERS, account executive

Cassandra Crockett, Account manager

Jessi jacobs, Manager, Select Business Unit VT/NH

Deb Loughlin, Executive Director, Employee Benefits

Lindsay Simpson, Organizational Wellness Lead


Wilmington, VT

Josie Betit, Account Manager

Amy Burns, Account Manager

Wendy Chase, Account Manager,
Select Business Unit

dot clark, Account manager

HAleigh Corbosiero, Receptionist/assistant

Monique Johnson, cic, account manager

Jessica Kain, Account Manager

Beth Nichols, IT Specialist

Regina Werner, Commercial Lines Service Manager

Martha Schoonmaker, Account Manager Assistant

Stephanie Staib, Personal Lines Supervisor

Concord, NH

Janine Tadakowsky, Sr. Account Manager

Hayleigh Yates, Account Manager


Claims Personnel

Amber Pillsbury, Claims Specialist